Cathy Jo Smith
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My  name is Cathy Jo Smith but I have also used the professional name "Caítlín na  Sí, seanachai" (KAWCH-leen nuh SHEE, SHAN-uh-kee), which is Irish for  "Katie of the Fairies, storyteller".
Besides stories, I have a display/performance about the Irish Wake for both Irish festivals and regular venues. The handouts from the Wake tent are now here as "Wake Decorum"and "Basics of  the Wake". I would ask that anyone using them give me proper credit.
         How it all started...        
Back when my daughter was  in first grade, her teacher had a program called "Mystery Reader". Each week, a different parent would come in and read a short book to the class--it was always kept secret and sometimes the parent would even  come in costume.
Well, I picked right before Halloween and came in as a little Irish lady to tell them about the real origins of Halloween and read a story about overcoming fear.
The "Irish lady" was such a  hit, she made a return visit in March with St Patrick's Day stories. Her visits extended to more classes and suddenly, without really trying, I  had become a storyteller.

Storytelling you can take books
My first book, "Adventures of Seamus McSeamus, an Irish Rover" is available for sale--e-mail me at
I also have a booklet for sale--Wake Me When It's Over.  I think you can guess what that one is about...

Latest Updates and where I'll be next        
Michigan Irish Music Festival
Heritage Landing, Muskegon, MI
Spetember 13-15, 2019
This year, we are remembering our friend, George,
who died shortly after last year's MIMF. Come by and share a memory.
Celtic Fling
Mount Hope Estate, Manheim, PA
June 27 and 28, 2020
Stories and the Irish Wake Tent--
A fun time on the grounds of a winery and Ren-faire
Dayton Celtic Festival
Riverscape Metro Park, downtown Dayton, OH
July 24-26, 2020
Lots of music and fun, and it's free!
Dublin Irish Festival
Coffman Park, Dublin, Ohio
July 31- Aug 2, 2020
Our 20th year for the Wake Tent!
Peoria's Irish Fest/ Erin Fest
Riverfront Park, Peoria, IL
August 21-23, 2020
Perfect weather this year and a great time!

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