Cathy Jo Smith
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My  name is Cathy Jo Smith but I have also used the professional name "Caítlín na  Sí, seanachai" (KAWCH-leen nuh SHEE, SHAN-uh-kee), which is Irish for  "Katie of the Fairies, storyteller".
Besides stories, I have a display/performance about the Irish Wake for both Irish festivals and regular venues. The handouts from the Wake tent are now here as "Wake Decorum"and "Basics of  the Wake". I would ask that anyone using them give me proper credit.
         How it all started...        
Back when my daughter was  in first grade, her teacher had a program called "Mystery Reader". Each week, a different parent would come in and read a short book to the class--it was always kept secret and sometimes the parent would even  come in costume.
Well, I picked right before Halloween and came in as a little Irish lady to tell them about the real origins of Halloween and read a story about overcoming fear.
The "Irish lady" was such a  hit, she made a return visit in March with St Patrick's Day stories. Her visits extended to more classes and suddenly, without really trying, I  had become a storyteller.

Storytelling you can take books
My first book, "Adventures of Seamus McSeamus, an Irish Rover" is available for sale--e-mail me at
I also have a booklet for sale--Wake Me When It's Over.  I think you can guess what that one is about...

Latest Updates and where I'll be next        
Celtic Fling
Mount Hope Estate, Manheim, PA
June 22 and 23, 2019
Stories and the Irish Wake Tent--
A fun time on the grounds of a winery and Ren-faire
Dayton Celtic Festival
Riverscape Metro Park, downtown Dayton, OH
July 26-28, 2019
Lots of music and fun, and it's free!
Dublin Irish Festival
Coffman Park, Dublin, Ohio
August 2-4, 2019
My 20th as a teller, 19th year for the Wake Tent!
Peoria's Irish Fest/ Erin Fest
Riverfront Park, Peoria, IL
August 23-25, 2019
A bit humid by the river, but a great time!
Michigan Irish Music Festival
Heritage Landing, Muskegon, MI
Spetember 13-15, 2019
Always great music, great friends,
great fun!!!

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